Mentoring Program

Hampton Roads Mentoring Program
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Here at the Hampton Roads chapter we like to assist you in any way that we can. Our mentoring program links T1D families up with other T1D families in the area. Whether you are recently diagnosed, new to the area, or would like non-medical advice from a family that has been living with T1D, the Mentoring Program provides that opportunity for you! If you or your family would like to be paired up with an individual or family that has been living with T1D in the Hampton Roads area, please contact Sam Sacks for additional information at
Become a Mentor
We are so glad you are thinking about becoming a Mentor to another family or individual living with T1D! This is a great opporutnity to connect with other families in the area that are dealing with T1D. Becoming a Mentor means so much to those families recently diagnosed and looking to others to see how they are living with T1D. If you are interested in sharing your story and becoming a mentor, please contact Sam Sacks for additional information at